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Winter Woods is an Indie/Folk/Pop band created in 2017 thanks to a fortunate meeting in the streets of Namur. The band is composed by 5 strangers that became friends along the way :

  • Maximilien (singer/guitarist) : Born in 92, but with an older soul, he has been singing since he was 12 but never took lessons. Music is his day job but his true passion is controlling (and he likes sarcasme).

  • Adrien (keys & violin) : Born in 94, he is the most higly « music educated » member of the group. He love the metronome and cider. He is indeed also the owner of a cider company. Full of tenderness he is the force that drives Winter Woods.

  • Mathieu (Drums) : He is the older member of the band but never the last to party. Father of 2 beautiful children he teaches young minds during the day. He keeps the beat steady and the hearts happy.

  • Corentin (Banjo) : Coming from another world full of moonshine & traditional folk, this chemist will take your heart with his incredible banjo riffs. Quiet, he speaks with his instrument and when he does, believe me, you’ll remember what was said.

  • Baptiste (Upright Bass) : Being Born the 1rst January can be hard but not for this covered with tattoo, woodworking artists. Whenever he is on stage you can’t keep his smile from shining and your feet to be rocking to his sweet bass rhythm. He is the glue that allowed Winter Woods to form.

In this project, they are looking for true expression of their souls through music. Sound’s nuances are the core of their songs that they express through the brutal force of acoustic instruments. An intense moment for the listener that sometimes gives the urge to take the road and sometimes the desire to sit by the fire during a winter evening.

Their Album « Rosewood », recorded in 2019 at the ICP studio in Brussels, is an open book showing the mind of Winter Woods and invites you to a journey full of introspection and adventure. It had the chance to meet both his public on the belgian stage world with qualitative shows (The Delta, Esperanzah, Francofolies de Spa, The solidarités …) despite a complicated sanitary situation and also on Spotify. Their single « Change is Coming » reached 4 Million streams and a lot of Belgian radio stations endorsed "Rosewood » (Classic 21, Bel RTL, Nostalgie, La Première, Mint, Maximum FM, Must FM,…).


Winter Woods is now ready to face new challenges and create new music. Their show at the Botanique in Brussels on the 16th October will be the first step into the new journey they’re going on with their new track : « Anyway ».


Listen to "ROSEWOOD"



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Winner "Tremplin des Solidarités"




16/10/21 : Botanique - Brussels 

17/10/21 : New song release : "Anyway"


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Information and booking :

Céline Therasse

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